The future of laser therapy now (Sheila Baxter)

As Andrew Weil wrote in his book "mind" in 40 years, it seems that human beings have an innate need to change the awareness of it. Research has shown that, besides becoming due to the effects of substances such as marijuana, opiates or human body also uses various natural materials such as serotonin and endorphins regulate mood and feelings (individually or collectively). Effects of nicotine, alcohol, drugs and certain behaviors such as intensified extreme sports gambling and in this way, providing various forms of subjective sensations that people defined as high. Continued reliance on pleasing these sentiments, together with its subsequent withdrawal pain relief, the point of addiction.

Many research dollars spent on addiction treatment that it commits, in all classes and groups in society. Addiction is no longer limited to certain demographic groups, economic or ethnic (if it ever really) and there are always numerous attempts to develop cures widely applicable to different types of addiction. With successes both evidence and clinical treatment using laser treatment increased (also known as laser therapy or low-level cold) at the forefront of this research. Indeed, the future of laser therapy now.

How it works

The u.s. food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved lasers designed for medical purposes, including pain management and addiction treatment, especially smoking. A similar rationale akobrisori acupuncture, where certain physiological functions and effects of some pressure points on the human body. As regards the treatment protocol, using Cold lasers to stimulate these areas as if Acupuncture needles if they are in use. Of course, the level of energy lasers this far from lasers used in surgery. Hence the term cold laser.

When you have a cold laser therapy, the device creates a sensation, tingling at the site appropriate body, stimulating large-scale release of endorphins that to suppress cravings and withdrawal. This highly effective treatments now used to help people overcome a wide range of addictive behaviors. Since endorphins are essentially the body's natural morphine, can have powerful effects. That's why laser treatments are also used as a drug-free pain relief.

Part of larger plan

Laser treatment is not a miracle, not intended to constitute illegal treatment system. If you smoke, drink, gamble, take unnecessary risks or the use of addictive drugs and self-defeating, or anything more makes you feel good, you get a higher peak natural endorphins serotonin and other chemicals in the brain, laser treatment will work at this level. However, there are many other factors involved in the life of addiction, so if you want to break the pattern of addiction will need to go through detoxification (detox) and get emotional and psychological support, and developing the skills to overcome new life and learn how to handle various situations associated with your addiction.

Over the last ten years there was a flurry of activity, increased competition in laser therapy throughout the US and Canada. People go laser therapy treatments and get results, and then tell others. This new approach concrete thrills show themselves able to help people change behaviors have long become full members of society again. Others came to be trained in laser therapy. They follow strict standards and protocols as they learn about laser treatment. In a short period of time, the returns can be qualified for laser treatment clinic opens.

A new model

Research continues apace on the illegal use of this technology. Clinical studies are accumulating successes patient and practitioner training programs send more and more all over the world. Addiction is a global problem, and great challenge. You can only guess personal and social costs of drug addiction, but price runs into billions of dollars when considering the loss of productivity, police and prison health problems and hospitalization and other negative effects.

With a combination of laser is now therapy, counseling, medical intervention and follow-up care, a new model of addiction treatment. It's an exciting time for science, medicine, time of hope for those suffering from the devastating effects of chronic self-destruct through smoking, drinking, gambling, drug use and maximum risk. It is true that the future of laser therapy now. It is true that there is now the future victim hopeless once these debilitating addiction. Laser therapy represents hope and health, is more of a treat. It's a step towards returning to life.


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