Four reasons why losing weight hard (luxury)

Lower weight loss difficult. Losing 10 pounds more strict. If you aren't careful, losing weight will come back to haunt you. Remember that gain weight much easier from losing weight to almost everyone.

Besides those who enjoy good genes allows them nor any weight regardless of how much to eat, you will find it hard to lose even one pound without much needed effort. Why it's important to know the reasons why it's hard to lose Witt.

Some of those reasons also the reason why some people gain weight faster than anyone else. It is time to consider the factors that play a key role in weight management.

Physical problems

Many people don't realize that they can easily gain weight due to certain underlying conditions. There are several medical conditions that can contribute to weight gain. Some of these include pituitary disorders and uneven and relatively low thyroid hormone.

Can cause malfunctions in the adrenal gland also some people faster than weight. Diseases of the liver and kidneys can also become a factor. Can also cause even drugs used to treat diseases like some people gain weight especially if the drug side effect may retain liquids.

High levels of stress

Popular yo-yo dieting, which had a tendency to most celebrities today, mostly because of the huge level of stress. Stress can affect a person's weight loss can occur, or weight of stress. Can also cause the body to produce stress hormones like cortisol epinephrine in huge quantities.

These hormones can cause two belly fat storage than usual. Avoid production of stress hormones induce that must be addressed externally by avoiding stressors, either from work or at home. Find relaxation activities also help eliminate stress body.

Levels of toxicity in the body

If the body absorbs much poison, you'll need those extra pounds to weaken them. For this reason it is important to choose organic foods. Not only are they healthier but contain less toxins from chemicals.
Traditional farming methods require chemicals for pest control which attracted to produce. Natural pesticides sprayed when cropping. However, this can cause health problems, which ultimately leads to weight gain or an inability to lose weight.

Addicted to food and drink

Let's face it, we all love food. However, the excessive love of food, drink and obviously, overweight and obesity. In addition, drug addiction can cause disruptions to particular drugs your weight. Can cause some chemicals such as those of marijuana body crave food than usual.

Can cause alcoholism also overweight due to alchohol ability to fade away the body. This will increase the need to eat and drink. Apart from that, can cause excessive sugar foods and beverages body weight faster. Unhealthy dietary habits is one of the main reasons why it's hard to lose weight.


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